Welcome to the Kentucky Lacrosse Association web site. An affiliate of the Great Lakes Region (10) of the US Lacrosse Association, the KLA works in conjunction with programs, players, coaches, and parents to provide resources regarding Kentucky high school, middle school and youth lacrosse programs.

The purpose of the KLA is to govern, coordinate and develop participation in the Kentucky Youth, Middle School & High School lacrosse programs, adopt and enforce rules and regulations, develop schedules and administer to the needs of its members. Welcome to the KLA web site–the face of Kentucky Youth Lacrosse!


*Indicates NEW Member!

  • Loren Hincker (2010), President
  • Byron Miller (2009), Vice President
  • Shawn Hamill (2010), Secretary
  • Chris Niblock (2009), Treasurer
  • Trey Adams (2010), Web Site Manager
  • *Wayne Coffey (2011), Official
  • Ann Fleming (2010), High School Girls
  • Terry Justice (2010), High School Boys
  • Jann Logsdon (2008), Past President
  • *David Purdie (2011), Middle School Girls
  • *Susan Riggs (2011), Youth/Middle School Boys
  • Lisa Staedt (2009), College Women
  • Brian Stevenson (2010), Indoor Program
  • *Jeremy Thompson (2011), High School Boys
  • Tim Thompson (2010), State Championships

Louisville Area Contacts:

High School Boys: Jeremy Thompson
High School Girls: Ann Fleming
Middle School & Youth Boys: Susan Riggs
Middle School Girls: David Purdie

Lexington Area Contacts:

High School Boys: Terry Justice
High School Girls: Vanessa Mayhugh
Middle School & Youth Boys: Trey Adams
Middle School & Youth Girls: Francine Gilbert