A Word About Supplements

So, supplements… many of us take them and many of them have great uses. But I have something to say on this topic after seeing so many athletes lieterlly relying on supplementation.

Don’t believe the wild marketing claims from supplement companies.

When it comes to our sport and supplementation. Sure, there are things such as multivitamin benefits for lacrosse players but it’s important to apply the 80/20 rule. I think of it like this… These pills and powers will only make add something like 1% of improved performance, even less so if you don’t take care of yourself in other aspects of life.

Yes, supplements have their place in the sports industry. But they are supplements and just that! Their purpose is to supplement a healthy lifestyle and diet. They are not wonder drugs that will simply make you the best sports star in the world by just taking a pill. For example, there are some great supplements for aerobic endurance. And some of them work great and reducing lactic acid buildup.

Fat Burner Supplements

Fat burners and weight loss supplements are some of the worst for making wild claims. If you do a simple search, you will likely get bombarded with ads for all sorts of supplements such as Skald, PhenQ or Instant Knockout. Before making the decision to purchase any supplement, you should look at independent reviews and not the company marketing material. This Skald review is the kind of thing that I’m talking about.

What it comes down to is that these supplements can help. But their marketing can lead you to believe that they are almost magical. They are not! They only give you a very small benefit over exercise and a good diet. If you don’t train regularly and have a generally healthy lifestyle, then it is pointless to take them as the tiny benefit that you will get will be counteracted by a poor lifestyle.